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We might think globally these days but the truth is we live and spend in communities. Unlimited Marketing Potential has been developed specifically to assist local communities to thrive and prosper.  For the majority of us 70% to 80% of our disposable income is spent within 5 kilometers of our homes.

Unlimited Marketing Potential is a marketing firm that has developed quality and professional marketing strategies that are specifically designed to target the immediate potential customer base of individual regions within Australia and New Zealand. Unlimited Marketing Potential has developed both “Cluster and Multi-Platform” marketing initiatives, combining publications, websites and events. Each strategy has been designed to “Cross Promote” across the other marketing strategies.

What does Unlimited Marketing Potential do?

  • Provides local community information at your finger tips
  • Helps you to find useful local information on the Internet easily
  • Offers an economic development program to keep local business local
  • Allows businesses to be found easily, especially by your market
  • Promotes your region to the rest of Australia, New Zealand and the World
  • Rewards people for shopping locally
  • Generates income
  • Develops community pride
  • Allows you to find “what’s on and in your own backyard”

Unlimited Marketing Potential strives to be a four win organisation.

  • A win for the client
  • A win for the community
  • A win for our team
  • A win for Unlimited Marketing Potential

A clear focus for Unlimited Marketing Potential is to give back to its clients more than they expect, creating value and loyalty, this is done by providing excellent and proven return based marketing strategies and also through education and experience growing their businesses not only through Marketing but by through quarterly business seminars and through Monthly Business Tips, checkout the News page link.

Unlimited Marketing Potential currently operates in the Macarthur, Illawarra, Central Coast, Newcastle and Sutherland regions, with another 55 regions coming shortly.

Would you like to have a look at the Unlimited Marketing Potential Business Tips, please click here.


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